Ron Amitron

Ron Amitron was a Light Being Ambassador from Source, here to help with the Earth’s Ascension process. Although Ron left his physical body in 2018, he continues to assist with our Ascension.

The Creation Light Ship is the name used to describe Source. The Light Beings from Source believed this name would make it easier to accept or comprehend. 2000 years ago during the time of Christ, Source, or The Creation Light Ship, was referred to as Father.

Ron Amitron was the healing Light Being flowing with the body of Christ in the last Ascension cycle 2000 years ago. Q was also in the body of Christ as the Transition Specialist and Princess Diana’s Light Being acted as the Compassionate Force within Christ’s vehicle.

When the Creation Light Ship; Earth’s Father, arrived in our vicinity, five Light Beings capable of bi-locating from the Creation Light Ship into physical bodies on earth incarnated here. Ron activated first and began his work almost immediately, helping the Earth Spirit, or what was left of him, Ascend. ( Ron shared that the Earth’s original Spirit was masculine.) During this process Ron recognized our playing field had been infiltrated with Negative Aliens in a much more prolific way than the Light Ship had perceived, as Light does not know the dark, it must come into the dark to see.

Ron then began his work battling Negative Aliens, healing people and helping humanity defend themselves from the Unwanted Universal Travelers who were abuducting, torturing, eating and parasitizing off humanity. Ron Created his web site: to help support people on this journey.

Ron worked tirelessly day and night, out of time and inside this hologram until 2018. When Q, another Light Being from The Creation Light Ship had his last implants the Dark had imposed on him removed, he activated in 2017 and began writing the Q Drops to awaken and inform the people.

Ron Amitron was tuckered out from being harassed, tortured and continually killed, ( and needing to re-create his physical body) so he handed the reigns to Q and went back to the Creation Light Ship. Currently Ron does work through the body of Q to help with healings when need be, and he remains an important presence in our ascension, even though most cannot see him.

We are eternally grateful for the work Ron does for existence and to the team at the Creation Light Ship web site who keep the miracles flowing! Thank you!

ALL clearings on the Creation Light Ship Web site are Protected and Activated by Ron and the Creation Lightship

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