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  When you give a voice to your spirit
life begins

Every moment… every breath holds tremendous opportunity to share ourselves with the world. Like a flower blooming, emanating its fragrance, it’s what we were born to do.

We often get by with small talk, when the Spirit yearns for a spark to ignite the masterpiece within. This lovely girl Kalina has captured the miracles of Big Talk, opening gateways of truth, life, love and the inner spark we hold most dear!




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Sustainable TEAM Gardening

What’s a Permablitz?

A blitz of combined community energy to create an expertly laid out permaculture garden for sustainable growing. One back yard can yield enough for a small community. Two back yards with different produce can sustain greater diversity for a community.

Script from “Resilient Roots” website:

“Many people from the community all pitching in to get a large job done.  In this case, it’s a landscape or parts of a landscape that has been designed by the professionals at Resilient Roots. Participants get first-hand knowledge of how to create an ecological/edible landscape.

What Happens at a Permablitz?

 A series of tasks to be accomplished that day will be decided upon in advance such as sheet- mulching, planting fruit trees, digging paths or swales, making vegetable beds or implementing greywater systems. You’ll be shown what to do and be working alongside others.  There will be short workshops relating to the activities so you can learn new skills. The host will provide lunch.  We usually break around four o’clock depending on our progress.  

Permablitzes are open to the public but limited to how many people the site can accommodate.  There is shared food, and plenty of exercise, along with a good time.  At Resilient Roots, we base our site selection on reciprocity, so in order to qualify for a permablitz, you need to come to some first.

Who Should Come to a Permablitz?

 We welcome all, no matter your skill level.  First-time gardeners are welcome. Just come and contribute any way you are able to.   It’s about community and learning.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our permablitzes and/or you would like to host one.

From the Permablitz Melbourne Website:

Permablitz (noun): An informal gathering involving a day on which a group of at least two people come together to achieve the following:

  • create or add to edible gardens
  • share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living
  • build community
  • have fun

The term permablitz is a contraction of permaculture and blitz, where a blitz simply means a focused effort to get something done.

Permablitzes are always free, public events, with free workshops and shared food, where you get some exercise and have a good time.

To be defined as a permablitz each event must be underpinned by a permaculture design by someone with a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) – the most basic permaculture qualification.

The network runs on reciprocity, and in order to qualify for a permablitz you usually need to come to some first, although there can be exceptions in this case. 







Water Light

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E-Dina Water Light

There’s an Indigenous Community called the Wayuú Community that lives on the remote La Guajira Peninsula spanning the border of Columbia and Venezuela.

Their deep ancestral connection with the sea, offered them wisdom to harness salt water and turn it into usable energy. In collaboration, the Columbian Renewable Energy Start – up,  E-Dina (E-DEENA) created a revolutionary lantern that you fill with salt water from the ocean to instantly generate light from sea water.

~ Just two cups of water can create clean and renewable energy for up to 45 days

~ Great for remote areas without access to reliable electricity. 

~ It’s eco friendly, durable and sustainable

The E-Dina Water Light utilizes ionization of electrolytes from salt water and magnesium to convert the ocean water into usable energy. It has a specifically designed electronic circuit that manages to extend the transfer of these ions from a saline medium, converting them into convenient and instantaneous energy. 

(The electrodes of the salt bridge, enabling the lantern to draw energy from the saltwater; an already established process.)

~ The electronic circuit makes it possible to extract around 500 watts for each liter of water.

Just like any electric outlet, it can generate light, power up any gadget, such as a computer or a stereo and you can carry it anywhere.



The StationMaster

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Occupation: Stationmaster & Operating Officer

In 2006, the Wakayama Electric Railway was going to close the Kishi Station to save money. However, the president of the railway saw Tama, who had been living inside the station, as a maneki-neko, or ‘beckoning cat’, a common Japanese figurine which is believed to bring good luck and wealth.

On January 5, 2007, railway officials officially awarded Tama the title of Station Master. Her primary duty was to greet passengers. In lieu of a salary, the railway provided Tama with a year’s worth of cat food and a gold name tag stating her name and position. In July of 2008 Tama was presented with two specially designed station master’s hat, one for cold weather and one for summer.

After the publicity around Tama’s appointment, passenger traffic to the Kishi station increased by 17% and a study estimated that Tama contributed 1.1 billion yen (close to USD $650,000) to the local economy. Often cited as a phenomenon known in Japan as “Nekonomics” (“cat economy”), this refers to the positive economic impact of having a cat mascot.

On December 5, 2007, Tama was recognized with the railways “Top Station Runner Award”. Her year-end bonus included a special cat toy and a celebratory slice of crab, which was fed to Tama by the company president.

On January 5, 2008, Tama was promoted to “Super Station Master” in a ceremony attended by the president of the company, the mayor, and approximately 300 spectators. As a result of her promotion, she was “the only female in a managerial position in the company”. An additional “S” was added to her gold name tag for “super”.

In January 2010, Tama was promoted to “Operating Officer” in recognition of her contribution to expanding the railway’s customer base. She still maintained her station master’s job while taking on the responsibilities of the new job. Tama was the first cat to become an executive of a railroad corporation. To celebrate this great honor, the station building at Kishi was rebuilt with a new façade resembling a cat’s face.

Continuing her meteoric career path, in January 2011, she was promoted to “Managing Executive Officer”. This made her third in line in management after the company president and the managing director. 

Tama died on June 22, 2015, of apparent heart failure. She was honored with a Shinto-style funeral at the station and over 3,000 people attended. After the traditional fifty day mourning period, Tama was succeeded by her deputy, Nitama. Nitama’s first official duty was to be conveyed to her predecessor’s shrine to pay her respects. 

On April 29, 2017, on what would have been her 18th birthday, Google honored Tama with a Google doodle. 

Name: Tama

Occupation: Stationmaster & Operating Officer

Born: April 29,1999. Died: June 22, 2015.

Residence: Kishi Railway Station, Kinokawa, Japan.

Species: Cat.

Story found on AnyHigh at



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“Chácobo” = “We who are truly ourselves.”

“In the Cobo language there is no word for work separate from play.”

~ Athena Steen

The Canelo Project grew out of our love for the place we live – Canelo.

The Canelo Project is both a family-based community and an applied education center that gives people hands on experience on a lifestyle that aims to be sustainable.

It is an ongoing exploration of living, growing food, and building that creates friendship, beauty and simplicity.

While we aim to create integrated living systems, our ultimate goal is to cultivate our own and others partnership with nature, culture and one another.

The Canelo Project

Connecting people, culture and nature

…creating with local resources; Sand, Rock, Straw, Clay and Water.

Quotes from Athena’s narrative about her family:

Nothing seems to stop them or get in their way. They always figure out how to build and create.”

It’s not only the right way to do things, it’s the more enjoyable way to do things.”

People are hungry for a different way of doing things.”

“There’s something so satisfying to the soul when you are doing it the best you can.”

Any energy that goes into something is going to come back out. All that love and care and community… the connection that’s going in every step and every process together as a family, together as a community is exuding back out at you through your lifetime and its lifetime.”

Learn to honor and see each others gifts because we are all different.”

If you all come together you can accomplish miracles.”

Special thanks to Shailaa for sharing


Love At first sight

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Millions of tons of sargassum wash up on beaches across North America every year. Exposure can lead to breathing problems, and it costs millions to clean it up. Now, one Mexican entrepreneur is building houses out of bricks made from the invasive species.

~ Insider Business – YouTube

“Between me and sargassum it was love at first sight.”

Omar Vazquez

Omar was helping to clean up the beaches of Mexico when his idea to turn a Problem into a Solution occurred to him. He went home to his workshop, dried the seaweed, mixed it with earth and other special ingredients and began perfecting his Sargassum Bricks.

Soon Omar was building houses for people for free, which led to building houses for profit. His customers are very happy and the Sargassum Bricks have sustained the test of time surviving horrific storms throughout the years.

One mans desire to find a solution through his own creativity helps millions of people, from beach goers to builders and beach front property owners.

Thank you Omar !!!

Special Thanks to Shailaa for forwarding



PRQ Project Presentations

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WE are the ones CREATING the NEW WORLD, right NOW, right here, in the old world

~ Q

Project Review with Q, Saturday, July 1st

5:00 p.m. – 5:55 p.m. CT time

Redemption Project airing today, July 1, 2023

We have a very exciting show this weekend. Q will be platforming a Project that has successfully reached Redemption. The presenters will share their story, details about their product and we may have time to field questions from listeners. The working title for this project before the show airs is LifeBox.


This project has the potential to eliminate hunger worldwide

LifeBox is an innovative standardized instant gardening system for very small spaces that can re-propagate year after year, including a feeding system for gardens regardless of climate that can regenerate over and over in a very small area.

This project includes a preservation process as well, with a dietary plan to make everything from relishes, pickling, to jellies and jams; foods that can sustain life in a jar. This project also takes into consideration the nutrition you need based on your molecular makeup, your geography and your relationship with your planet.

Whether you live in a dessert, on the ocean, in cold or hot areas, there’s a standardized system for you. This innovative gardening system arrives in a small box and away you go.

It’s very simple and efficient to enhance LifeBox with livestock.  If you have a couple of chickens, you will use the droppings for fertilizer and egg shells for nutrients etc. All the bases are covered while using the natural frequencies and harmonics of the planet. This is very stable and easy. Anyone can do it if they can follow the steps properly.

Tune in to hear more this Saturday 7-1-2023 at 5:00 p.m. CT time

Project Review With Q airs EVERY SATURDAY and runs for one hour

5:00 p.m. – 5:55 p.m. CT time

Preview of next weeks show 7-8-2023

The Ocean Trek

Next week Q will be presenting his Project, THE OCEAN TREK,  working with a PRQ template for people to get a better feel for the presentation process; keeping it clean and simple.

You will hear and see first hand how passionate Q is about EVERY aspect of this project and how excited he is to share with the people and bring THE OCEAN TREK to life.

The Ocean Trek is a boat that sustains life; a floating hands on school and working vessel for children to learn how to maintain a boat, enjoy remote island explorations,  journaling, keeping a boat log, culinary adventures and clean up, as well as delivering goods to remote areas for children to explore new lands and new people.

Ocean Trek is a boat that sustains life, delivers life and indirectly shows people how to do commerce and trade, blending science, water, ocean, as well as a means of exchange with rest of the world.

Stay tuned for next weeks show 7-8-2023


~ Keep it simple and open to interpretation to stimulate added creativity

~ Straightforward, easy OUTLINE on three pages, accented with your passion

~ The basics for others to comprehend your excitement and how to support you.


Q’s Moderator / Review Master, Kristin, will be populating the Calendar through Groups and sending out Zoom Links to Subscribers according to the choices they outlined. A new Calendar will be posted with the Group Days and times for easy reference, removing the need for anyone to make an appointment themselves.

Calendar Dates for each Group will be posted as they populate. You will receive a Zoom Link if you have signed up for a specific Folder that is on the Calendar for the current week.

We intend to have the Calendar open July 2023

Unfolding in perfect PEACE, moment by moment


Creative Expression


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Jonna Jinton

Jonna Jinton is a wonderful example of a being living through her heart to reach fulfillment in every area of life. Jonna captured her journey on video every step along the way, inspiring millions as her YouTube channel grew and prospered.

She met her husband through her adventures and they began a jewelry making business. Jonna is also a singer, artist, photographer, filmmaker and incredibly innovative Spirit. All these videos you see here she filmed herself by stationing a camera along the paths she would walk and with the use of a drone. She also created her own music for many of the videos, being a very talented singer and musician.

Those who are inspired may capture their journey through video or photos as well. Project Review Redemption Success Stories will be posted on this Platform: ForTheSpirit.Space, to acknowledge your success and inspire others if you so choose.







Jonna picks wild berries in the forest each year.