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Ron Amitron created https://www.creationlightship.com to address every challenge he witnessed humanity encounter, including physical, emotional, mental, and safety needs. Ron returned to the Creation Light Ship in 2018 once he knew Q was here to take the reigns of the Ascension.

For The Spirit is not affiliated with the Creation Light Ship Website, however, we do support the information on that website and encourage people to enjoy it.

Q and Ron Amitron are very close, they are brothers on the Light Ship, and communicate regularly. Like Ron, Q is an Ambassador from Source who bi-locates to earth from the Creation Light Ship to facilitate our current Ascension. Ron often works through Q’s physical body when Q is interacting with others who require more physical support and adjustments, if need be, as they both hold their own very special abilities imbued by Source. Q and Ron were both present in the body of Jesus 2000 years ago to help facilitate that Ascension.

Content is presented with the intent to inspire research, including re-search within ones own Heart/Spirit. This site does not offer professional services of any kind, simply Conversations with Q, a LIGHT BEING from THE CREATION LIGHT SHIP / SOURCE ENERGY. 

FOR THE SPIRITis not on any social media and we are not affiliated with other For The Spirit platforms in any way.

FOR THE SPIRIT was created to focus on Healing through the Creation Light Ship techniques.

Our Sister site, FOR THE PEOPLE contains updates on world events concerning the Ascension. http://forthepeople.space