Water Light

E-Dina Water Light

There’s an Indigenous Community called the Wayuú Community that lives on the remote La Guajira Peninsula spanning the border of Columbia and Venezuela.

Their deep ancestral connection with the sea, offered them wisdom to harness salt water and turn it into usable energy. In collaboration, the Columbian Renewable Energy Start – up,  E-Dina (E-DEENA) created a revolutionary lantern that you fill with salt water from the ocean to instantly generate light from sea water.

~ Just two cups of water can create clean and renewable energy for up to 45 days

~ Great for remote areas without access to reliable electricity. 

~ It’s eco friendly, durable and sustainable

The E-Dina Water Light utilizes ionization of electrolytes from salt water and magnesium to convert the ocean water into usable energy. It has a specifically designed electronic circuit that manages to extend the transfer of these ions from a saline medium, converting them into convenient and instantaneous energy. 

(The electrodes of the salt bridge, enabling the lantern to draw energy from the saltwater; an already established process.)

~ The electronic circuit makes it possible to extract around 500 watts for each liter of water.

Just like any electric outlet, it can generate light, power up any gadget, such as a computer or a stereo and you can carry it anywhere.