Sustainable TEAM Gardening

What’s a Permablitz?

A blitz of combined community energy to create an expertly laid out permaculture garden for sustainable growing. One back yard can yield enough for a small community. Two back yards with different produce can sustain greater diversity for a community.

Script from “Resilient Roots” website:

“Many people from the community all pitching in to get a large job done.  In this case, it’s a landscape or parts of a landscape that has been designed by the professionals at Resilient Roots. Participants get first-hand knowledge of how to create an ecological/edible landscape.

What Happens at a Permablitz?

 A series of tasks to be accomplished that day will be decided upon in advance such as sheet- mulching, planting fruit trees, digging paths or swales, making vegetable beds or implementing greywater systems. You’ll be shown what to do and be working alongside others.  There will be short workshops relating to the activities so you can learn new skills. The host will provide lunch.  We usually break around four o’clock depending on our progress.  

Permablitzes are open to the public but limited to how many people the site can accommodate.  There is shared food, and plenty of exercise, along with a good time.  At Resilient Roots, we base our site selection on reciprocity, so in order to qualify for a permablitz, you need to come to some first.

Who Should Come to a Permablitz?

 We welcome all, no matter your skill level.  First-time gardeners are welcome. Just come and contribute any way you are able to.   It’s about community and learning.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our permablitzes and/or you would like to host one.

From the Permablitz Melbourne Website:

Permablitz (noun): An informal gathering involving a day on which a group of at least two people come together to achieve the following:

  • create or add to edible gardens
  • share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living
  • build community
  • have fun

The term permablitz is a contraction of permaculture and blitz, where a blitz simply means a focused effort to get something done.

Permablitzes are always free, public events, with free workshops and shared food, where you get some exercise and have a good time.

To be defined as a permablitz each event must be underpinned by a permaculture design by someone with a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) – the most basic permaculture qualification.

The network runs on reciprocity, and in order to qualify for a permablitz you usually need to come to some first, although there can be exceptions in this case.