“Chácobo” = “We who are truly ourselves.”

“In the Cobo language there is no word for work separate from play.”

~ Athena Steen

The Canelo Project grew out of our love for the place we live – Canelo.

The Canelo Project is both a family-based community and an applied education center that gives people hands on experience on a lifestyle that aims to be sustainable.

It is an ongoing exploration of living, growing food, and building that creates friendship, beauty and simplicity.

While we aim to create integrated living systems, our ultimate goal is to cultivate our own and others partnership with nature, culture and one another.

The Canelo Project

Connecting people, culture and nature

…creating with local resources; Sand, Rock, Straw, Clay and Water.

Quotes from Athena’s narrative about her family:

Nothing seems to stop them or get in their way. They always figure out how to build and create.”

It’s not only the right way to do things, it’s the more enjoyable way to do things.”

People are hungry for a different way of doing things.”

“There’s something so satisfying to the soul when you are doing it the best you can.”

Any energy that goes into something is going to come back out. All that love and care and community… the connection that’s going in every step and every process together as a family, together as a community is exuding back out at you through your lifetime and its lifetime.”

Learn to honor and see each others gifts because we are all different.”

If you all come together you can accomplish miracles.”

Special thanks to Shailaa for sharing