Love At first sight

Millions of tons of sargassum wash up on beaches across North America every year. Exposure can lead to breathing problems, and it costs millions to clean it up. Now, one Mexican entrepreneur is building houses out of bricks made from the invasive species.

~ Insider Business – YouTube

“Between me and sargassum it was love at first sight.”

Omar Vazquez

Omar was helping to clean up the beaches of Mexico when his idea to turn a Problem into a Solution occurred to him. He went home to his workshop, dried the seaweed, mixed it with earth and other special ingredients and began perfecting his Sargassum Bricks.

Soon Omar was building houses for people for free, which led to building houses for profit. His customers are very happy and the Sargassum Bricks have sustained the test of time surviving horrific storms throughout the years.

One mans desire to find a solution through his own creativity helps millions of people, from beach goers to builders and beach front property owners.

Thank you Omar !!!

Special Thanks to Shailaa for forwarding