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WE are the ones CREATING the NEW WORLD, right NOW, right here, in the old world

~ Q

Project Review with Q, Saturday, July 1st

5:00 p.m. – 5:55 p.m. CT time

Redemption Project airing today, July 1, 2023

We have a very exciting show this weekend. Q will be platforming a Project that has successfully reached Redemption. The presenters will share their story, details about their product and we may have time to field questions from listeners. The working title for this project before the show airs is LifeBox.


This project has the potential to eliminate hunger worldwide

LifeBox is an innovative standardized instant gardening system for very small spaces that can re-propagate year after year, including a feeding system for gardens regardless of climate that can regenerate over and over in a very small area.

This project includes a preservation process as well, with a dietary plan to make everything from relishes, pickling, to jellies and jams; foods that can sustain life in a jar. This project also takes into consideration the nutrition you need based on your molecular makeup, your geography and your relationship with your planet.

Whether you live in a dessert, on the ocean, in cold or hot areas, there’s a standardized system for you. This innovative gardening system arrives in a small box and away you go.

It’s very simple and efficient to enhance LifeBox with livestock.  If you have a couple of chickens, you will use the droppings for fertilizer and egg shells for nutrients etc. All the bases are covered while using the natural frequencies and harmonics of the planet. This is very stable and easy. Anyone can do it if they can follow the steps properly.

Tune in to hear more this Saturday 7-1-2023 at 5:00 p.m. CT time

Project Review With Q airs EVERY SATURDAY and runs for one hour

5:00 p.m. – 5:55 p.m. CT time

Preview of next weeks show 7-8-2023

The Ocean Trek

Next week Q will be presenting his Project, THE OCEAN TREK,  working with a PRQ template for people to get a better feel for the presentation process; keeping it clean and simple.

You will hear and see first hand how passionate Q is about EVERY aspect of this project and how excited he is to share with the people and bring THE OCEAN TREK to life.

The Ocean Trek is a boat that sustains life; a floating hands on school and working vessel for children to learn how to maintain a boat, enjoy remote island explorations,  journaling, keeping a boat log, culinary adventures and clean up, as well as delivering goods to remote areas for children to explore new lands and new people.

Ocean Trek is a boat that sustains life, delivers life and indirectly shows people how to do commerce and trade, blending science, water, ocean, as well as a means of exchange with rest of the world.

Stay tuned for next weeks show 7-8-2023


~ Keep it simple and open to interpretation to stimulate added creativity

~ Straightforward, easy OUTLINE on three pages, accented with your passion

~ The basics for others to comprehend your excitement and how to support you.


Q’s Moderator / Review Master, Kristin, will be populating the Calendar through Groups and sending out Zoom Links to Subscribers according to the choices they outlined. A new Calendar will be posted with the Group Days and times for easy reference, removing the need for anyone to make an appointment themselves.

Calendar Dates for each Group will be posted as they populate. You will receive a Zoom Link if you have signed up for a specific Folder that is on the Calendar for the current week.

We intend to have the Calendar open July 2023

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