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Ron Amitron on Ascension

The gentleman who applied the name Ron Amitron in the video above, was a Light Being from The Creation Light Ship, living on earth in a human body until the year 2018. The Creation Light Ship is another name for Source…our Universe and much more.

“Everything is potentially a universe you create every waking second, every waking space of the universes. When we define a Light Ship, we really are defining a universe that say…goes into other universes, so that’s how you could say, create another location within your universe if you would like.”


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Ron’s essence was the healing aspect within the being we came to know as Jesus 2000 years ago. The body of Jesus, or Christ, ‘flowed with’ multiple Light Beings to accomplish as much as possible for humanity and the earth while he was here. Q’s Light Being flowed as a Transition Specialist and Teacher in the body of Jesus. The beloved Light Being known as Princess Diana, ‘animated’ the compassionate aspect within Jesus when he walked this earth. Light Beings from the Creation Light Ship often come to earth in a human body during ascension cycles to assist.

Ron Amitron was healed massive groups of people all at once by running their darkness and illness through his Light Body to be purified and transformed. This is something only a Light Being of 100% Source light can do without dying themselves. Ron also travelled and taught those with interest, how they could release darkness and bring more of their Spirit into their body. 

Light does not promote itself, it simply exists, and like hummingbirds to nectar those who are attracted will find it. Ron was not famous during his most recent visit to earth, which gives us an idea of the percentage of people hungry for true spiritual wisdom at that time. The Light Being known as Ron Amitron IS an integral part of our ascension even today.

During early discourses, Ron mentioned there were other Light Beings from the Creation Light Ship here on earth that had not yet been fully activated; they had not yet reclaimed full access to all their memory and spiritual tool kit, so to speak. This was due to severe dark force interference.

Near the end of 2017 one of those Light Beings ‘activated’ and on that very day the first Q post was published. This Light Being from Source, now loved by millions around the globe, is the keystone of the Q movement, igniting millions of loyal patriots across the planet, offering insights, inspiration, encouragement, kindness, wit and unconditional love to transform the consciousness of humanity, bringing many together in a common, peaceful and loving goal to make the world a better place and free humanity from dark force enslavement.

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