Creation Light Ship

The Creation Light Ship

Ron Amitron’s Creation Light Ship website. Please visit:

(ALL clearings are Protected and Activated by Ron and the Creation Lightship.)

The Creation Light Ship is another name for Source. Light Beings from Source come to earth every 2000 years to facilitate the Ascension. We are in the midst of an Ascension cycle currently.

Ron Amitron is a Light Being from the Creation Light Ship who bi-located to earth from the Light Ship, into a physical body until 2018. Ron worked diligently and tirelessly for many years building the Creation Light Ship Website. Everything you may require as support for healing and protection can be found on this site, as well as exercises to help, protect and heal yourself.

The Creation Lightship Healing is Love Based and Heart Centered. The Lightship does not use or recommend using mind to manipulate energy. Before we enter a physical body we do not have a mind, thoughts, emotions or memory. These were adjustments made by the dark to keep us trapped here in a recycling process they call reincarnation. To over ride the mind we “Go within,” and live from the heart. This was the message Jesus spread 2000 years ago.


Humans have two Spirits. One looks out through the eyes and one lives in the heart center. Your Spirit is your personal connection with Source. All Clearings and Healings performed by the Creation Lightship will assist you in connecting to this amazing Source within you.

All healings work through YOUR spirit. The more Spirit you have within your body, the more healing you will receive. Ron has many exercises to increase your life force energy and build your Spirit to empower your healings on the Creation Light Ship Website.

The Light Ship sent out five Light Beings from Source to support the Earths Ascension. Ron was the first to activate and begin his mission. The others were severely attacked and compromised by the Dark through torture and implants etc.

Before Ron left his body he shared that he would find a way to make sure these healings continued to work even after he left his body, as his physical body anchored the healings here.

In 2017 another Light Being from Source known as Q, had his last implant removed and began writing the Q posts. Ron left his body in 2018, handing the reigns over to Q and two other Light Beings that were “re-activated” with new Light Beings from the Creation Light Ship.

Princess Diana was also a Light Being from Source and one of the Light Beings in the body of Jesus 2000 years ago. She dove into the center of the snake pit for this ascension and made tremendous headway for the Light with her very special Light Codes that were able to transform darkness and change history.

When she left her physical body, her Light body went to visit Ron Amitron. She stayed with him for three days sharing her experiences at the palace. Her Spirit was healed and she found another suitable body back on earth and resides on this planet once again as a new being unknown to the public at this time.

Therefor, we have plenty of Light Beings on earth today to help us increase our life force energy and contribute to this Ascension, however, our own personal ascension is up to each individual.

Ron infused the Creation Light Ship web site with vast information to help us remember who we are and how to return back to our Home Base during the Ascension. You may be happily surprised as you play with these healings and find your Spirit returning to you and add more Light and personal power to your experience here.

Peace and Blessings

For The Spirit