Ron Amitron on Healing

Creation Light Ship Healings

Ron Amitron excerpt on healing with the Creation Light Ship, 3-5-2007

How does the Creation Light Ship heal?

“The Creation Light Ship has a complete history of who you are, much more than what we talk about down here as the akashic records, (those are from the dark side.) 

The Light Ship can actually pull up all of the energy and data from you.

When you go up to the Light Ship you have a body scan and they know everything about you from all of your different treatments from different modalities of healing in this lifetime and all the past. It’s a gigantic hologram of many many bodies that make up your physical body, and they look at each one of those and find out where your problems are and from what past life you are experiencing these energies with and they do healing work.

What’s in this lifetime is naturally the thoughts of our ancestors. We are a creation of their thoughts and that’s where all of our problems are. Everything is past life, whether it be one second ago or ten thousand years ago. Everything is from the past and the past is what’s creating our current reality. 

This is how the Light Ship actually works. The Light Beings know all about you and they know about your spirit, they do spirit heaings also, but mainly we are dealing with our physical body up on the Light Ship. They work with all of our energetic bodies to brings wellness.


So if you have a lot of information that you have gleaned in the past by reading books or going to workshops and lectures etc., all those people are assuming that this real high spiritual truth of, “Your thoughts control your reality…” well, that’s true, but they leave out that YOU ARE NOT IN YOUR BODY 100%, AND THEY ALSO DON’T TELL YOU ABOUT THE DENSITIES OF YOUR EMOTIONAL BODY PREVENTING THE HEALING, and they don’t tell you about having a wounded Spirit; that your Spirit takes on the identity of you, and that this is why you don’t heal.”

Ron Amitron, 3-5-2007

The Creation Light Ship healings and exercises help us heal our Spirit and return it to the body. This helps us heal the body.

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