Light and Dark

How The Dark Infiltrated

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Ron Amitron often reminded his listeners that Source cannot be channelled. Those who are 100% Light do not channel Source. They ARE 100% Source Light experiencing a human vehicle. Anything claiming to be Source or representing Source through a Channel is false light. Ron has gone as far as saying anything being channelled is false light, because true light is 100% light, which is Source energy, and that cannot be channelled.

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… So, even though you may be calling upon those energies, you are still bringing in darkness energies to you. That’s not what the light is for. The light is…100% light. O.K. You have to understand this. 99.9 % light and .1% darkness, will not be light energy. O.K.

So the space brothers were supposed to be here to help us. They were supposed to be in 100% light to give us light frequencies. They fell down upon the job. They got corrupted. They have been corrupted for a long long time. That’s why we have hurricanes here and tornadoes. That’s why we have bad weather. That’s why we have duality. That’s why we have things that bite us. That’s why we have E.T. abductions. That’s why our governments are corrupted.

This is why people are not in their heart because they brought you and taught you about duality….

Question: Who did? Who brought us and taught us about duality?

The Galactic Federation.

All the religions here and all the killings of people through religions and sacrifices to get energy from people, is from the Galactic Federation. So what happens is, is that, the Light Ship brings down these Masters in pure light into that organization. So think of the Federation as like the U.N….”

~ Ron Amitron